Updated FreeBSD Phing Port

Brian A. Seklecki lavalamp at spiritual-machines.org
Tue Oct 2 08:27:24 PDT 2007


FBSD Ports has an old copy from late `06 before phing.info / 
phing.tigris.org apparently:

  $ ident /usr/local/bin/phing
       $Id: pear-phing 123 2006-09-14 20:19:08Z mrook

   PORTNAME=       phing
   PORTVERSION=    2.1.1

However, one of my developers seems to have a 2.3.x-BETA/RC version 
running on 6.2-p7 just fine (php 5.2.1/pear 1.6.2)

  $ phing -version
    Phing version 2.3.0beta1

We should endeavor to update this to something recent.  We'll try this 
from here and forward results on.

 	-lava (Brian A. Seklecki - Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

     "Guilty? Yeah. But he knows it. I mean, you're guilty.
     You just don't know it. So who's really in jail?"
     ~Maynard James Keenan

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