trouble with ImageMagick self tests

Mikhail Teterin mi+mill at
Mon Oct 1 08:19:39 PDT 2007

= hello, I've been trying to upgrade ImageMagick for several days now
= but with no success. I'm on a -current system built about a month ago
= (Aug 31 19:52:08 MST 2007). I am using the "default" config of having
= TTF on, and FPX off.

The port has a maintainer, you know... I'm very interested in self-test 
failures. You are right, the tests are there for a reason -- to catch
miscompilations and misconfigurations before your production software
starts dumping cores.

Could you, please, post a link to the /full/ configure/build/test log --
I'll try to examine it and/or bring the problems up with the authors.



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