imap-uw-2006j_2,1, cclient-2006g_1,1 PAM problems?

Matt Dawson matt at
Mon Oct 1 08:06:31 PDT 2007

On Monday 01 Oct 2007, you wrote:
> I had to roll back as well.
> Best I could tell was that the credentials presented to pam were the
> userid and userid (instead of password), at least that's what the logs
> looked like to me.
> -lee

I forgot to mention that I tried a telnet session  to the POP3 server. user 
<user> gets  "+OK username accepted, password please" but pass <password> 
results in -ERR bad login.

Something else I failed to mention is that both cclient and imap-uw were 
compiled with WITH_SSL_AND_PLAINTEXT, which may have a bearing on the issue.

/var/log/auth.log does show user and auth pairs matching, although this 
happens when I deliberately pass bad information to the working server. It 
also fails to account for LOGIN authentication methods failing.

I rather think that there is something PAM related, although I'm just guessing 
here and can't really test my theory on a production server. The server does 
not validate usernames immediately (it accepts an invalid username with 
a "+OK username accepted, password please" on the working version), so 
perhaps acceptance of a valid username is a red herring.
Matt Dawson.

matt at

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