FreeBSD Port: samba-3.0.26a_2,1

Todd Martin toddmartin at
Fri Nov 30 22:04:18 PST 2007

my previous message read"

"to test further on the smb/cifs protocol issue... this morning,I 
installed the latest source of samba 3.0.27a and tested connection 
with mount_smb.
the problem persisted.  So I need to know what version of the port 
still worked with this client.  Hopefully you know.
This is very frustrating.   all my windows clients work fine because 
the support cifs, but my bsd client fails to operate."

I was incorrect.  3.0.27a DOES in fact have smb protocol fully 
operational... i messed up my previous tests & was still running the 
broken binaries.

I am fixed for now running 3.0.27a.   when might this revision be 
part of the ports tree ?

S. Todd Martin

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