distfiles for lang/g95

M. L. Dodson mldodson at comcast.net
Sun Nov 4 08:23:48 PST 2007

I am the maintainer of lang/g95.  The source tarball for this
software changes almost daily.  I need to put a snapshot tarball
up to support the lang/g95 port.  I will also need to make
available the gcc-core-4.0.3.tar.gz tarball as the lang/gcc40 port
has been removed, evidently.  Specifically, how can I make the
tarballs available via  ${MASTER_SITE_LOCAL}?

g95 is an important port for compiling scientific software.  Using
gfortran is problematic for some important software and is
discouraged by the developers of the software in one case I know
of.  In that case Intel fortran is the preferred compiler with g95
the second.  gfortran may or may not work depending on the
vagaries of gfortran development at its time of installation.  I
have had gfortran work one week and fail a month later using a new
installation. The scientific software developers have little
patience for this situation.  Not all of us can satisfy the Intel
Fortran license requirements, but the cost of that compiler suite
cannot be easily absorbed.

g95 uses the gcc4.0 backend.  I have had some success with gcc4.1,
but that is not an officially supported configuration.  I will
communicate with the g95 developer to encourage the move to the
gcc4.1 backend, but meanwhile the port is broken because of the
inability to download the correct snapshot for g95, or correctly
install the port dependence.

Bud Dodson
M. L. Dodson
Email:	mldodson-at-comcast-net
Phone:	eight_three_two-five_63-386_one

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