HEADS UP: xorg 7.2 ready for testing

Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Thu May 10 21:28:18 UTC 2007

Dear porters,

We are now ready for xorg 7.2 testing!  Over the past week we have
done extensive tests of various upgrade scenarios, fixed many
remaining bugs, and now the upgrade is looking good.  Of course, we
can't possibly test everything, so that's where you come in.  What we
need now is for everyone to download this tarball:


Extract it into a clean directory (i.e. not over the top of your
existing ports tree), then follow the directions in UPDATING to begin
the upgrade process.  In particular, please pay special attention to
the instructions on how to record and report information should
something go wrong: without a transcript of the upgrade session we may
be unable to determine what went wrong on your system, and your report
may be wasted.

We're asking all FreeBSD ports committers and other interested
developers to participate in this process: it's now up to you guys to
test the upgrade and report problems you encounter, before we unleash
it on the general user base.

Once we have enough success reports and have dealt with all reported
failures, we will proceed with the next stage, which is to import into


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