make update broken

Alex Dupre ale at
Mon Jun 18 10:51:21 UTC 2007

Alex Dupre ha scritto:
> Erwin Lansing wrote:
>> As I described earlier, SUP_UPDATE, CVS_UPDATE and PORTSNAP_UPDATE are
>> mutually exclusive and cannot be used at the same time.

 From src/Makefile.inc1:

# update
# Update the source tree, by running cvsup and/or running cvs to update
# to the latest copy.

 From ports/Makefile rev. 1.61 commit log:

Allow both SUP_UPDATE and CVS_UPDATE to be used, similar to src/Makefile

The same commit introduced the check ".if defined(SUP_UPDATE) && 
!defined(PORTSSUPFILE)" with a different meaning from what you say.

All the docs I found says explicitly (and does accordingly) that 
SUP_UPDATE and CVS_UPDATE are *not* mutually exclusive and that 
SUP_UPDATE can be defined *without* PORTSUPFILE.

>> Please send-pr your patch, but
>> please also add documentation of the new meaning of PORTSNAP_UPDATE.
> I'll do it.

PR 113819

Alex Dupre

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