Sam Lawrance boris at
Fri Jun 15 23:17:27 UTC 2007

On 16/06/2007, at 9:00 AM, Jeremy Chadwick wrote:

> On Fri, Jun 15, 2007 at 10:40:27PM +0200, Roar Pettersen wrote:
>>  Hi !
>>  I'm trying to compile Cricket, but I get this error message :
>>  server:/usr/ports/net-mgmt/cricket# make
>>  ===>  cricket-1.0.5_4 uses a UID registered to another port.
>>  *** Error code 1
>>  Can anybody look into this problem ?
> Did you remove the IGNORE line from the Makefile?  It looks like  
> you may
> have.  The IGNORE line explicitly states what the problem is; you
> shouldn't be able to build the port if IGNORE is set to non-null.
> IGNORE=         uses a UID registered to another port

The IGNORE line is why the build stopped in the first place (notice  
that the messages are the same).

> And the UID is:
> CRICKET_USER?=  wwwadm
> CRICKET_UID?=   81
> CRICKET_GID?=   80
> $ grep wwwadm /usr/ports/UIDs
> $ grep :8[01]: /usr/ports/UIDs
> www:*:80:80:World Wide Web Owner:/nonexistent:/sbin/nologin
> alias:*:81:81:QMail user:/var/qmail/alias:/nonexistent
> qmaild:*:82:81:QMail user:/var/qmail:/nonexistent
> qmaill:*:83:81:QMail user:/var/qmail:/nonexistent
> qmailp:*:84:81:QMail user:/var/qmail:/nonexistent
> UID 81 is reserved for qmail, which is obviously not what the port
> should be trying to use.  GID 80 is used by Apache and friends,  
> although
> if I remember right, the cricket user ends up having its default  
> GID set
> to the same group as what Apache runs as, so CGIs and other whatnots
> have the ability to access cricket-specific files.
> As a workaround, you could try setting CRICKET_UID=999 in make.conf or
> during make time.  This UID isn't listed in ports/UIDs, but may become
> so in the future.

It's possible the port won't do anything with that variable (which is  
why it hasn't been fixed yet with such a simple fix).

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