USE_GCC weirdness -

Juergen Lock nox at
Sun Jun 10 17:26:03 UTC 2007


 Does anyone have an idea whats happening here?  It builds on i386,
and when I queued it on tb3 (which also is amd64) it built too,
(only change being I added logging (${SH} -x) to the configure invocation.)

 The failed build is also missing the
	===>   qemu-devel-0.9.0s.20070526 depends on executable in : gcc34 - found
line, although BUILD_DEPENDS is logged as having gcc-3.4.6_1,1.tbz in there...

 Ok maybe some explanations: qemu doesnt build with gcc4, so it has
	USE_GCC=        3.4
	CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --prefix=${PREFIX} --cc=${CC}
and when qemu's configure script detects gcc4 it prints a warning and exits.
What I don't get is why BUILD_DEPENDS gets lost here, and only `sometimes'...
(There already was one report of this happening as some may remember, and
miwi couldn't reproduce it,

 Also I just noticed the 0.9.0 qemu port now failed too,
and it certainly did build before,
(only change being a new MASTER_SITE...)


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