pm3-base, cvsup, etc. on -CURRENT [patch]

Don Lewis truckman at
Mon Jul 30 20:22:18 UTC 2007

On 30 Jul, Don Lewis wrote:
> The Modula 3 ports recently stopped working on -CURRENT because of a
> change to the i386 machine-dependent kernel code removed a kludge that
> the pm3 garbage collector was using to find the fault address when
> accesses were made to protected pages.  The correct fix for this is to
> convert the garbage collector to using sigaction() with the SA_SIGINFO
> flag so that it can get the address in a supported fashion.  A further
> problem is that the pm3-base port can't be built with GCC 4.2, which is
> the base compiler in current.  The patch below addresses both of these
> issues, 


Does this change deserve a port version bump?  Ordinarily I would say
no, because the only effect is to get the port working on -CURRENT,
*but* I've heard that the same kernel kludge removal might be coming to
6.2-STABLE for compatibility with the Wine port.  It might be helpful if
6.2-STABLE users automagically get pm3-base upgraded before the kernel
change breaks cvsup.

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