FreeBSD Port: openldap-server-2.3.37

Marty Heyman mheyman at
Sun Jul 29 20:22:46 UTC 2007

Sorry to bother you but I'm having a problem installing openldap- 
server-2.3.37. I'm new to freeBSD and LOVE the ports system. You folk  
are doing great work! But ...

... openldap-client-2.3.37 was installed as a dependency by asterisk  
and is now depended on by several installed packages. I want to run  
an openldap server (slapd) on this system as well but now the  
Makefile refuses to install the server modules on top of the client  
install and wants me to remove openldap-client-2.3.37 (which looks  
painful rolling back all the other packages that depend on it.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Marty Heyman, one of "The Directory Guys.™" and

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