x11/xterm-227 does not like FreeBSD

Chris Timmons cwt at networks.cwu.edu
Wed Jul 25 21:44:45 UTC 2007


When I upgraded to x11/xterm-227, I noticed that "rows" and "columns" as 
reported to the terminal device by xterm were set to 0:

 	system:/home/cwt/xterm-227> stty all
 	speed 38400 baud; 0 rows; 0 columns;

Terminal applications would not properly recognize the window size until I 
re-sized the window manuall.

After doing some research I found this in the xterm-228 release notes:

 	# amend changes to handshake in patch #226  to accommodate
 	  Solaris, which relies on the extra setting of the terminal size
 	  after I/O initialization. Do this by adding new resource
 	  ptySttySize, which is false for Linux and MacOS X, i.e., true
 	  for for Solaris and other SVR4 platforms, as well as FreeBSD
 	 (reports by David Wood, Renato Botelho).

You may want to hold off on that 'portupgrade -a' that you know wasn't a 
good idea to begin with until the port is upgraded :)


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