Ports with a broken PKGORIGIN: lang/llvm-gcc4

erwin at FreeBSD.org erwin at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jul 25 20:38:27 UTC 2007

** The following ports have an incorrect PKGORIGIN **

 PKGORIGIN connects packaged or installed ports to the directory they
 originated from. This is essential for tools like pkg_version or
 portupgrade to work correctly. Wrong PKGORIGINs are often caused by a
 wrong order of CATEGORIES after a repocopy.

 Please fix any errors as soon as possible.

 The ports tree was updated at Wed Jul 25 2007 19:24:34 UTC.

- *lang/llvm-gcc4* <fjoe at FreeBSD.org>: devel/llvm-gcc4
   | revision 1.1
   | date: 2007/07/25 18:56:38;  author: fjoe;  state: Exp;
   | New port: llvm-gcc4
   | lvm-gcc is the LLVM C front end. It is a modified version of gcc
   | that compiles C/C++/ObjC programs into native objects, LLVM bitcode or
   | LLVM assembly language, depending upon the options.
   | By default, llvm-gcc compiles to native objects just like GCC does.
   | If the -emit-llvm option is given then it will generate LLVM bitcode
   | files instead. If -S (assembly) is also given, then it will generate
   | LLVM assembly.
   | Being derived from the GNU Compiler Collection, llvm-gcc has many of
   | gcc's features and accepts most of gcc's options. It handles a number
   | of gcc's extensions to the C programming language.

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