About to update www/validator but needing some help

Naram Qashat cyberbotx at cyberbotx.com
Wed Jul 25 18:49:08 UTC 2007

I am the maintainer of www/validator and was getting ready to update the
port since the W3C Validator has been updated to 0.8.0 now.  However,
because of the changes that the W3C has made to the Validator, it requires a
Perl module called SGML::Parser::OpenSP, which they say has not yet been
released.  The instructions on their website say that the module can be
downloaded via CVS.  This is the only module that would put a hold on me
updating the port.  What would be the best way to include that module under
FreeBSD?  Would I need to make a seperate port for it?

Thanks in advance,
Naram Qashat

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