net-p2p/linux-edonkey-core - why was the admin control removed?

Chris H. chris# at
Tue Jul 24 03:17:37 UTC 2007

There seem to a couple of problems with net-p2p/linux-edonkey-core-1.3.0.
The documantation indicates that the following command should be run on
it's first invocation:
pass <admin-name> <admin-password>
followed by:
Having done this and then following further instructions in the documentation.
I am told that I need to start donkey with the following commandline options
to permit remote control:
donkey - !
Unfortunately this causes donkey to complain:
unrecognized option
please type ? for available options.

Please advise.

Thank you for all your time and consideration in this matter.

P.S. I'm not on this list. I'm on the stable list. So if you could
keep me in the loop, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks again.

panic: kernel trap (ignored)

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