ion-3 20070720: undefined reference to lua

Filip Lenaerts filip at
Mon Jul 23 15:21:05 UTC 2007

hi garett,

On Mon, Jul 23, 2007 at 08:11:30AM -0700, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> >recently i upgraded from the very stable 5.x to 6.2-stable.  i 
> >portupgraded/recompiled all of my favourites and they all work ... except 
> >for the new ion-3: in the make step, i always get undefined references:
> >
> >...
> >cc  ion-statusd.o exec.o extlrx.o exports.o  -L/usr/local/lib -lintl 
> >-L../../libmainloop -lmainloop -L../../libextl -lextl -L../../libtu -ltu 
> >-L/usr/local/lib/lua51 -llua  -lm -o ion-statusd
> >../../libextl/libextl.a(luaextl.o)(.text+0xf): In function 
> >`lua_rawset_check':
> >: undefined reference to `luaL_checktype'
> >../../libextl/libextl.a(luaextl.o)(.text+0x119): In function `extl_cpcall':
> >: undefined reference to `lua_tolstring'
> >../../libextl/libextl.a(luaextl.o)(.text+0x3a1): In function `extl_dopath':
> >: undefined reference to `luaL_checklstring'
> >...
> >
> >full script output of 'make install': 
> > (43K)
> >
> >i reinstalled lua5 to make sure i have recent libs in /usr/local/lib.
> >
> - Did you remember to run make clean first?

yep.  even did a distclean, not that it helps, but you never know.

> - I'd reinstall all ports/packages after a major upgrade like you did 
> because the ABI most likely isn't the same, but for a short term 

i reinstalled all ports, afaik (took me a lot of sweat, blood and tears, but 
got it together after two days).  perhaps there are still some dangling ports
not reinstalled.  an idea on how to find them?

> solution try rebuilding the kernel with 5.x compatibility built in.

i have 5.x compat built in. but during the upgrade i did a make delete-old-libs, 
which i guess turns 5.x compat quite useless?  or am i mistaken here?


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