TeXLive for Net/FreeBSD

Edd Barrett vext01 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 10:13:06 UTC 2007


On 21/07/07, Nikola Lecic <nlecic at eunet.yu> wrote:
> If the base (your texmf-minimal) remains unchanged (as it was at the
> time of TL2007 release) -- it will maybe need some patches for the files
> outside xetexdir/, but nothing too difficult.

XeTeX also requires texmf-full.

> So this means that no massive complications must occur. What do you
> think?

In theory. However this is the theory I had when I started out porting
texlive. It took a whole lot longer than I thought. But then I didn't
have any BSD documentation, so I had to work out the wrong  ways to do
things myself :P

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