FreeBSD Port: samba-3.0.25a_1,1

Mads Lønsethagen mad at
Fri Jul 20 14:55:15 UTC 2007


I've noticed a bug in this recent version of Samba which forced me to
downgrade to version 3.0.24,1. It has something to do with
fusefs-unionfs, but I don't know how.

(The port fusefs-unionfs does only work if you install fusefs-libs
version <2.7.0, if you want to test this out. I had to use
portdowngrade. This has been reported to the unionfs port maintainer.)

1:	install fusefs-unionfs, do fusefs_enable=YES in rc.conf, reboot
2:	Mount up a unionfs-folder using something like:
/root% unionfs -o ro,allow_other /disk/disk1:/disk/disk2 /alldisk
3:	Share /alldisk with samba.

Point 3 doesn't work with samba-3.0.25a_1,1, but it works just fine with
3.0.24,1. With 25a_1,1, panic action occurs every time a machine tries
to access /alldisk through samba, and smbd restarts itself.

Any more info needed?

- Mads

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