Slight problem with make actual-package-depends with ports

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Thu Jul 19 07:14:47 UTC 2007

Quoting Stephen Montgomery-Smith <stephen at> (Wed, 18 Jul 2007 09:16:56 -0500):

> Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> > Quoting Stephen Montgomery-Smith <stephen at> (Tue, 17 Jul 2007 19:46:11 -0500):

> >> It seems to me that the cure is to slightly change "make 
> >> actual-package-depends" so that if the port is already installed, it 
> >> just uses +CONTENTS.
> > 
> > This is wrong. What if you have a port installed and you want to
> > rebuild the same version with other OPTIONS which changes the +CONTENTS
> > file? If I read your patch right, it will use the wrong contents...
> You cannot install the port until you have first deinstalled it (unless 
> you use some kind of  "FORCE" option, and it is reasonable that this 
> would mess things up).  Thus at installation time, +CONTENTS will never 
> exist.
> But I take your point if perhaps you do need to use some kind of FORCE 
> option.

Yes, sorry for not being clear. Sometimes I use FORCE_PKG_REGISTER in
case I really know what I'm doing. With the change you proposed, this
would be only ok, if you install the port with the same options again,
but not when you install with options which change the plist.


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