Problems with +CONTENTS being messed up by pkg_delete -f

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Thu Jul 19 02:14:53 UTC 2007

Robert Noland wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-07-18 at 15:56 -0500, Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
>> If you "pkg_delete -f" a package and then install the port again (but 
>> after it has been bumped up a version), then the +CONTENTS of ports that 
>> require the original port will be incorrect.  This apparently messes up 
>> programs like portmanager.  There is a sense in which one should never do 
>> "pkg_delete -f" and expect /var/db/pkg to keep its integrety - on the 
>> other hand this is exactly what "make deinstall" does.
>> My feeling is that the integrety of /var/db/pkg should be maintained 
>> across a "make deinstall" and subsequent "make install" of a bumped 
>> version of the port.
>> This is my suggestion.  When a "pkg_delete -f" is executed, it looks 
>> through +REQUIRED_BY of the port it is going to delete, and modifies the 
>> +CONTENTS file of each of them, replacing lines like
>> @pkgdep xineramaproto-1.1.2
>> @comment DEPORIGIN:x11/xineramaproto
>> to maybe something like
>> @comment DELDEPORIGIN:x11/xineramaproto
>> ("deleted dependency origin").  A subsequent "make install" of 
>> x11/xineramaproto should look through the +CONTENTS of all entries in 
>> /var/db/pkg and change these lines to something like
>> @pkgdep xineramaproto-1.1.3
>> @comment DEPORIGIN:x11/xineramaproto
> Hrm, not quite what I had in mind...  I don't want to misrepresent that
> a port was built against a newer version of a dependency.  What I was
> hoping for would be that a port when reinstalled would not list both the
> current version of a dependency as well as a previous version of the
> same origin (which it aquired via the +CONTENTS of some other direct
> dependency).  It should only list the currently installed version of
> that origin.
> That way it is still possible to determine that the interim port was
> built against an older version.  I just want the +CONTENTS file to
> accurately list the versions that a given port was built against.

I think I was not understanding your problem, nor how portmanager works. 
  Sorry about that.

In general, I do really like how the present "actual-package-depends" 
works, and so I would rather see this kept, and portmanager modified to 
accomodate, rather than the other way around.

Robert sent me some private emails about how "actual-package-depends" 
was messing up portmanager.  Probably he should send the problem 
descriptions to the mailing lists, and maybe someone else could solve 
them.  I thought I had some ideas for quick fixes, but it seems I was 
looking before I was leaping.  I don't really have enough time right now 
for long fixes, so someone else will have to figure it out.  I have to 
say that I simply don't use portmanager or portsinstall or anything like 
that, so I don't know how they work.  (Rather I use my own home brew 
tools for doing the same thing, and since they are home brew and only 
for my use, they don't need to get everything right everytime, they can 
be simple, and they don't have to be at all user-friendly.)

Best regards, Stephen

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