Slight problem with make actual-package-depends with ports

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Wed Jul 18 01:06:09 UTC 2007

I appreciate that most people won't have this problem, but it has bitten me.

After you have made and installed a port, but don't clean it, and then 
made a bunch of other ports, if you go back to the original port and 
then do "make package", then +CONTENTS can be a bit messed up for the 
package.  This is because the creation of other ports might disturb 
_LIB_RUN_DEPENDS and might put in some extra entries in +CONTENTS.

This happens to me because I make all my ports on one machine and then 
copy them as packages to other machines.  Then on the other machines, 
the structure of /var/db/pkg gets a bit messed up and pkg_delete -r 

It seems to me that the cure is to slightly change "make 
actual-package-depends" so that if the port is already installed, it 
just uses +CONTENTS.

I enclose a patch.  Unless I get a bunch of negative comments, I'll 
submit this as a PR as well.

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---	2007-07-17 19:31:08.000000000 -0500
+++	2007-07-17 19:29:16.000000000 -0500
@@ -5485,7 +5485,9 @@
-	if [ "${_LIB_RUN_DEPENDS}" != "  " ]; then \
+	if [ -e ${PKG_DBDIR}/${PKGNAME}/+CONTENTS ]; then \
+		${AWK} -F '( |:)' 'BEGIN { pkgname="broken_contents" } /@pkgdep / { pkgname=$$2 } /@comment DEPORIGIN:/ { printf "%s:%s\n", pkgname, $$3; pkgname="broken_contents" }' ${PKG_DBDIR}/${PKGNAME}/+CONTENTS; \
+	elif [ "${_LIB_RUN_DEPENDS}" != "  " ]; then \
 		origins=$$(for pkgname in ${PKG_DBDIR}/*; do \
 			if [ -e $$pkgname/+CONTENTS ]; then \
 				${ECHO_CMD} $${pkgname\#\#*/}; \

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