HEADS UP: editors/emacs upgraded to 22.1

MANTANI Nobutaka nobutaka at freebsd.org
Mon Jul 16 17:10:24 UTC 2007


editors/emacs port is upgraded to 22.1.
Since this is a major upgrade, all installed elisp ports should be

Please add EMACS_PORT_NAME=emacs22 to /etc/make.conf and
upgrade Emacs and related ports with:

# portupgrade -fr emacs

If you want to keep using Emacs 21.3, please add EMACS_PORT_NAME=emacs21
to /etc/make.conf and reinstall Emacs from editors/emacs21 port:

# portupgrade -f -o editors/emacs21 emacs

For elisp port maintainers, please set default EMACS_PORT_NAME to
emacs22 in Makefile of your port and make a slave port for emacs21.


MANTANI Nobutaka
nobutaka at nobutaka.org, nobutaka at freebsd.org

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