acroread plugin in Firefox

Rick Voland rpvoland at
Mon Jul 16 05:27:15 UTC 2007

I am unable to get PDF documents to open properly in Firefox since I
updated to xorg 7.2 and linux_base-fc-4_10.

1) It was working before these updates.

2) Now, a PDF document tries to open in a Firefox webpage.  gv opens
fine, but is unable to parse the PDF, leaving a completely blank page
with a link on the left for each page, but each page is blank.

3) I'm using:

4) I made links in /usr/local/lib/browser_plugins to the plugins (new
locations), and pointed /usr/local/lib/browser_linux_plugins and
/usr/local/lib/linux-mozilla to this main folder.

5) It was working fine with linuxpluginwrapper before the update, but
not after the update. So, I uninstalled linuxpluginwrapper and replaced
it with nspluginwrapper.

6) Firefox writes some complaints to the console about acroread7,
linuxflash7, and realplayer, but linuxflash7 and realplayer both work
fine now.

7) The acroread plugin appears in the list when I type "about:plugins"
into firefox.

8) The acroread plugin works properly if I move to  So, maybe this issue has to do with plugger.  I use
the default /usr/local/etc/pluggerrc-5.1.3.

9) There were no improvements when I added a link acroread7 -> acroread
, nor when I changed pluggerrc-5.1.3 to indicate acroread instead of
acroread7 .

10) All ports are up to date as of July 14.

Thanks for any suggestions.


rpvoland at

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