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Shaun Amott shaun at
Sun Jul 15 12:40:20 UTC 2007

On Sat, Jul 14, 2007 at 05:05:46PM -0500, Paul Schmehl wrote:
> I'm working on an upgrade to a port.  It installs a bunch of files, some 
> in the standard places, a lot in /usr/local/portname.  It also installs a 
> perl module in SITE_PERL.
> The problem I have is I can't get that perl module to uninstall.  If I 
> list it as %%SITE_PERL%%/mach/perl module, it prepends PREFIX to it and 
> can't find it.  If I list it in PLIST_FILES instead, it still can't find 
> it.
> How can I put an entry in PLIST that doesn't install in PREFIX/foo?

This has been broken for some time: files under SITE_PERL aren't handled
properly when a different PREFIX is used.

We now appear to have SITE_PERL_REL though, so files should be installed


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