Clamav CPU race

Eric Frazier eric at
Thu Jul 12 17:20:05 UTC 2007

I have found a few bits and pieces about Clamav and various race/ 
denial of service issues with FreeBSD and Linux, some of which were  
related to certain types of files being scanned, some related to  
thread safety issues. What I am wondering is with 6.2 is there now a  
definitive solution in place to prevent races, or is this still  
something in process?

I did find this thread which looks very much like my issue. 

But this left off with 0.90.2 and was fixed in ports,  however I am  
having a problem very much like this CPU race with 6.2 and 0.90.3 
(installed from ports) I have not yet been able to reproduce the  
error, but it does seem to correspond with the higher load we get  
between 12 and 2AM when various reports come into our mail server.

Of course I would be glad to help debug this if anyone has  
suggestions, right now I am going to try to reproduce the error with  
a script sending lots of attachments and go from there.

I am not entirely sure if this kind of question is considered on  
topic, so I apologize if I guessed wrong..



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