[HEADS UP] USE_FORTRAN knob has been added

M. L. Dodson mldodson at houston.rr.com
Thu Jul 12 14:25:37 UTC 2007


Thanks for the USE_FORTRAN knob.  Are there plans to add g95 to
the list of supported Fortran compilers?

In an earlier communication, I mentioned that AMBER, a molecular
mechanics software suite I use, would not compile with gfortran.
I tested gfortran and AMBER two days ago, and gfortran is now able
to compile AMBER.  On benchmarks, however, gfortran showed only
approximately 70% of the performance of g95 on compute-bound

The benchmarks were run with a dual core AMD64 and FreeBSD-CURRENT
of a very recent date.  The schedsmp.diff diff was applied.  I do
not have a Linux install on the machine ready to compare, but the
FreeBSD / g95 combination is now able to keep pace with published
Linux benchmarks (same software).  These benchmarks are 100%

Bud Dodson
M. L. Dodson
Email:	mldodson-at-houston-dot-rr-dot-com
Phone:	eight_three_two-five_63-386_one

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