Valgrind GCC 4.2 patches

Peter Wemm peter at
Wed Jul 11 22:45:39 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 10 July 2007, Simon Barner wrote:
> > Thank you, would it build in AMD64?
> I'm afraid, the port is i386 only. There were rumors that Peter Wemm
> is working on port of valgrind 3.x, but I am not sure of the status
> of this effort (which certainly involves a lot of work).

FWIW, valgrind 3.2.3 is about 97% complete on 4.x, about 90% complete on 
6.x+/i386 (no threads support), and about 70-80% complete for 
6.x+/amd64.  I still have unresolved problems regarding syscalls that 
involved arguments on the userland stack.

It is well and truely up to the point where I need testers/helpers.  
Most of the heavy lifting is done and there's a thousand sharp edges 
that need smoothing.

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