[Call for Review] The FreeBSD German Porter's Handbook

[LoN]Kamikaze LoN_Kamikaze at gmx.de
Wed Jul 11 08:36:35 UTC 2007

Martin Wilke wrote:
> For a long time questions come up again and again concerning FreeBSD
> Ports in the German Communities:
> - How can I create a Port?
> - What do I have to consider?
> - Is there a documentation and where can I find it?
> However, this is unfortunately only available in English, which
> complicates the access and the overall understanding for the users,
> because of the enormous amount of techchnical terms that it contains.
> Since the 19.06.07, some members of Unixfreunde (http://unixfreunde.de) 
> and BSDGroup (http://bsdgroup.de) have decided to work together on this
> and future translation projects.
> The result of this intense work is the Wiki article "Helping in the
> Ports" in the BSDWiki (https://www.bsdwiki.de/Helfen_in_den_Ports).
> With continuously rising man-power, we came up with the idea to create
> a German version of the Porter's Handbook.
> An overview of the projects can be found at https://doc.bsdgroup.de. 
> Take a look at https://doc.bsdgroup.de/porter-book/ for the translation
> of the PH.
> Everyone can contribute to the project. We are deeply grateful for your
> assistance. Please note that our main target was to translate it in the
> shortest time possible. There are most likely some errors which should
> be found and corrected soon. We look forward to any assistance from
> you. You can send us suggestions/corrections or patches in our IRC
> channel (#freebsd-doc.de on Freenode.net), by mail to as at BSDGroup.de or
> to me at miwi at FreeBSD.org.
> - Thanks Martin

I doubt the wisdom of this. We will end up with maintainers whose English
doesn't suffice to handle PRs sufficiently. I think for developing positions,
even as simple as maintaining a small port, English is obligatory.

Just my 2¢, I know many will disagree.

- Dominic Fandrey

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