[Call for Review] The FreeBSD German Porter's Handbook

Martin Wilke miwi at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jul 11 08:14:45 UTC 2007

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For a long time questions come up again and again concerning FreeBSD
Ports in the German Communities:

- - How can I create a Port?
- - What do I have to consider?
- - Is there a documentation and where can I find it?

However, this is unfortunately only available in English, which
complicates the access and the overall understanding for the users,
because of the enormous amount of techchnical terms that it contains.

Since the 19.06.07, some members of Unixfreunde (http://unixfreunde.de) 
and BSDGroup (http://bsdgroup.de) have decided to work together on this
and future translation projects.

The result of this intense work is the Wiki article "Helping in the
Ports" in the BSDWiki (https://www.bsdwiki.de/Helfen_in_den_Ports).
With continuously rising man-power, we came up with the idea to create
a German version of the Porter's Handbook.

An overview of the projects can be found at https://doc.bsdgroup.de. 
Take a look at https://doc.bsdgroup.de/porter-book/ for the translation
of the PH.

Everyone can contribute to the project. We are deeply grateful for your
assistance. Please note that our main target was to translate it in the
shortest time possible. There are most likely some errors which should
be found and corrected soon. We look forward to any assistance from
you. You can send us suggestions/corrections or patches in our IRC
channel (#freebsd-doc.de on Freenode.net), by mail to as at BSDGroup.de or
to me at miwi at FreeBSD.org.

- - Thanks Martin

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