experimental qemu-devel port update, please test!

Juergen Lock nox at jelal.kn-bremen.de
Sun Jul 8 19:24:05 UTC 2007

On Sun, Jul 08, 2007 at 01:15:35PM -0500, Eric Anderson wrote:
> On 07/07/07 09:02, Juergen Lock wrote:
>> In article <468EFF46.4060001 at freebsd.org> you write:
>>> On 07/05/07 22:31, Eric Anderson wrote:

>>> Although now I have the issue where using kqemu-kmod causes my system to 
>>> reboot or power off.  :(
>>> Any ideas?
>> This seems to be a -current issue, it doesn't happen for me at least
>> (6.2 and previously also 6.1.)  You could check if it is dependent
>> on the version of the used qemu (the 0.9.0 port, the version of
>> qemu-devel in ports, or the not-yet-committed updated I posted),
>> but I doubt it.  What may help is finding out which commit to -current
>> started kqemu to break (find an older version that worked, then
>> binary-search), or at least a backtrace from a kernel compiled
>> without -fomit-frame-pointer (putting DDB in the config seems to do
>> that for amd64 at least, but rebuild the entire kernel.)  There also
>> is an open issue for kqemu on amd64 smp,
>> 	http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=113430
>> dunno if its related...
>> 	Juergen
> My host is i386, SMP, and it also happens with the current qemu-devel port. 
>  It must have been something in -CURRENT that changed, probably since 
> May15th-ish.  I can't do a binary search anytime soon to find it.  In the 
> past, I've recompiled kqemu and that has done the trick.  I have all the 
> debugging built in, but that doesn't stop the system from rebooting or 
> powering off.

Hmm an UP kernel might be worth a try too...


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