FreeBSD Port: lzma-4.48

Eric Kingston ericnk at
Fri Jul 6 13:05:12 UTC 2007

There is a bug in LZMA running on amd64.  LZMA, an archiver port,
segmentation faults on files > 1-5 GB in size.  I've tested this on three
different xeon dual multi-core processor servers.  In each case, lzma core
dumps in the exact same spot and the resulting file size for each is exactly
the same.  Files less than 1 GB seem to work ok.  LZMA seems to work on any
size file without a problem on the FreeBSD i386 platform.  When I spoke with
a friend of mine, he says that he compresses 160GB files daily without a
problem, on his i386 systems.




ericnk at



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