Xorg related port upgrade questions

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-ports-local at be-well.ilk.org
Wed Jul 4 21:19:01 UTC 2007

Jeffrey Williams <jeff at sailorfej.net> writes:

> I have read through UPDATING and the mailing list, and it appears that
> the process as described that allows the use of portupgrade requires a
> full install of X.
> My question is, can I still use portupgrade, with the manual upgrade
> of the libXft port, or should I manually deinstall and reinstall all
> the Xorg related ports, and the ports that depend on them.

For your case, portupgrade will probably handle the situation fine.  
Make sure you don't have any gstreamer- ports (you shouldn't), and the
normal sequence of 
  # portupgrade -Rf libXft
  # portupgrade -a
should work fine (with the XORG_UPGRADE variable set to yes).

Remember to run the "mergebase.sh"  script afterwards; you want to end
up with /usr/X11R6 as a link pointing to /usr/local.

>                                                             If I go
> the manual reinstall route are their any make.conf values that need to
> be set to indicate I want the new file structure used, or have all the
> ports that used the "/usr/X11R6" directory been updated?

They don't refer directly to either; they use variables to describe
the base locations.  So they shouldn't be directly affected at all by
the directory change (although other changes may still require them to
be rebuilt).

Because you don't have the full x.org umbrella port installed, you
*might* find some parts missing after the upgrade.  I didn't, when I
upgraded my server, but it is possible that a porter made a mistake

Good luck.

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