Totem Compilation error.

Vincent Blondel vincent at
Wed Jul 4 13:12:57 UTC 2007


Below what I receive when trying to compile gnome2 CURRENT. This happens
during the compilation phase of totem.

checking whether to enable easy codec installation support... auto
checking for MISSING_PLUGINS... yes
checking for GST... yes
checking for backend libraries... GStreamer-0.10
checking GStreamer 0.10 playbin plugin... no
configure: error:
         Cannot find required GStreamer-0.10 plugin 'playbin'.
         It should be part of gst-plugins-base. Please install it.

===>  Script configure failed unexpectedly.
Please run the gnomelogalyzer, available from, which will diagnose the
problem and suggest a solution. If - and only if - the gnomelogalyzer cannot
solve the problem, report the build failure to the FreeBSD GNOME team at
gnome at, and attach (a)
/tmp/usr/ports/multimedia/totem/work/totem-2.18.2/config.log, (b) the output
of the failed make command, and (c) the gnomelogalyzer output. Also, it might
be a good idea to provide an overview of all packages installed on your
system (`ls -la`). Put your attachment up on any website,
copy-and-paste into, or use send-pr(1) with
the attachment. Try to avoid sending any attachments to the mailing list
(gnome at, because attachments sent to FreeBSD mailing lists are
usually discarded by the mailing list software.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/multimedia/totem.

If I look a bit more in detail it seems /usr/local/bin/gst-inspect is
called during the configure phase and this causes segmentation fault.

I already looked at google for some solution but without any success.

Thanks to help me.

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