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Tue Jul 3 21:53:47 UTC 2007

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> Hi,
> After twelve years in FreeBSD, I've finally come across a piece of
> software that I need that isn't a port already.  The software is
> mod_auth_xradius, for Apache:
> I went through the porter's guide and made an attempt to build a port.
> I'm sure it's wrong, so I'm not send-pr-ing it yet.  You can find my
> port at:
> While this program is small, Radius authentication for Web sites is
> one of those things that is absolutely vital for those of us who need
> it.  Having it in-tree would be really nice.
> I would appreciate any comments, critiques, etc., before I submit
> this.  (Or, if you ports guys would rather I submit it as-is and then
> tell me all the things I did wrong, I'm OK with that too.)  While I'm
> not a ports guy, I'm willing to try to maintain this.
One more thing.  Your PLIST_FILES will depend upon which version of Apache 
is installed.  For example, if Apache 20 is installed, 
is in /usr/local/libexec/apache2/ and your PLIST_FILES entry will fail to 
remove it, since you specify apache22 as the path.

So, PLIST_FILES should be like this:

That way, no matter which version of apache2 is installed, the library will 
be properly removed on deinstall.

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