Fwd: FreeBSD Port: plone-2.5.1_1: Help: not working on FreeBSD 6

PEC pec at intinet.com
Tue Jan 30 11:20:49 UTC 2007


I sorted this out already. The solution is as follows:
    * The py24-libxml2 parser needs to be binded into python
    * The PIL needed to be installed. I took 1.1.6.
    * the cElementTree in the plone at freebsd.org is missing. Needs 
to be added as well.
You might want to include the above mentioned as requisites for the package.

Best Regards

>Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 20:54:00 +0100
>To: filippo.natali at gmail.com
>From: PEC <pec at intinet.com>
>Subject: FreeBSD Port: plone-2.5.1_1: Help: not working on FreeBSD 6
>Cc: ports at FreeBSD.org
>none of the source links can be accessed from a Unix server for this 
>port. I have downloaded directly plone from plone.org, but 
>it isn't working. There are some changes necessary. Can you help me ?
>This is what my event log says:
>2007-01-29T20:22:09 WARNING Init Class 
>Products.ATContentTypes.content.base.ATCTFolderMixin has a security 
>declaration for nonexistent method 'manage_copyObjects'
>2007-01-29T20:22:10 ERROR Zope Could not import Products.ATContentTypes
>Further, it tells me the Marshall handlers cannot find libxml (on my 
>FreeBSD v6 they are called libxmal2-2.6).
>Do you have any reference to these issues ?
>I have already tried the irc #plone but no one has experience with 
>plone on FreeBSD
>Kindly advise if you could help

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