Problem with devel/silc-toolkit

Pekka Riikonen priikone at
Sun Jan 28 20:48:00 UTC 2007

On Sun, 28 Jan 2007, Paul Schmehl wrote:

: > Thanks for letting us know about these issues, but we have not updated
: > the  files at since they were put up there.  They were last
: > modified Dec 19 2005.   I suspect you had some local problem or download
: > problem or some mirror was corrupted.  I also verified the files this
: > morning and the md5sums are as follows:
: > 
: Well now you have me even more concerned.  I downloaded the file 
: directly from using both the port and ftp, and I also 
: downloaded the file on my Mac here at home using ftp to pull the file 
: both from the http and the ftp download sites.  In all four cases, the 
: md5sum and the sha256 sum did not match the file that was downloaded.  
: Furthermore, the size of the file was a meg less than it was supposed to 
: be.
I just did manual diff from the package at and the CVS tag of 
SILC Toolkit 1.0.2 and they match.  Only differences are distribution 
specific stuff which are dynamically generated when the distribution is 
packaged.  No changes in source code (with exception of some distribution
specific stuff).  You can do it yourself by using silc_toolkit_1_0_2 CVS 

We also do not publish sha256 sums so I don't know what sha256 sum you 
use in comparison.  You should use the .md5 files from the to 
verify that the file was successfully downloaded.

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