Is there anybody will port the ATI linux driver to FreeBSD?

Janvier Pang janvier.roc at
Thu Jan 25 04:04:42 UTC 2007

Hi, guys,

As will shutdown at Jan. 31,2007.
Will anybody continue to port the latest ATI driver to FreeBSD?

A ported version of ATI drivers on above is 8.20.8, but ATI had released
their updated driver to 8.33.6 at Jan. 10, 2007, but it seems nobody will
continue to port such this important driver to FreeBSD.

Lots of people use the new ATI card supported by the latest driver, AFAIK,
8.20.8 is a very out-date version and it's not support R5xx series chipset
or any other advanced series, if nobody continue to port or maintain this
driver, i think FreeBSD may lose lots of ATI users at this point.

Could anybody will do the community a favour?


Janvier Pang

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