ports/102499: lftp asc file checksum mismatch

Roman Kurakin rik at inse.ru
Wed Jan 24 22:47:37 UTC 2007

Kris Kennaway wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 25, 2007 at 12:55:09AM +0300, Roman Kurakin wrote:
>> I am crossposting this to both bugs@ and ports@ so all who will join this
>> discussion keep this in mind if you'll reply.
>> Pav Lucistnik wrote:
>>> So, what's the status on this one? My opinion is that the whole ticket
>>> is bogus and should be closed.
>> No, it shouldn't. Sorry I didn't have enough time to investigate the 
>> problem further,
>> but it is a real pain for port distribution. IIRC the point I've reached 
>> was:
>> all software works correctly. All files correct but port can't be build. The
>> reason that default behaviors are not the same on all levels and conversion
>> of new line from single char to double could occur. The solution is to
>> request text file as binary than all layers will bypass it without
>> modifications or to convert newline explicitly for all text files before
>> computation of checksum to the one default value (I guess to single-char
>> variant).
>> So the problem not in the port itself but in the set of conditions. And 
>> probably
>> this bug report should be reopened with other description.
> I didnt see earlier mails in the thread, but I assume the problem is
All that was discussed in gnuts, it is not much.
> that lftp gets a corrupted distfile when fetching through a squid
> proxy.  This is because in the default configuration squid fetches all
> plain text files in ftp ascii mode, which does CR/LF translation and
> botches up the checksum.
IIRC this is not a bug and squid do not translate in all cases.
Any way the file is marked as a text and any such translation
do not look like a violation. I guess it was done for
convenience of M$ users. IIRC it is impossible to switch this
off in squid (this is the only thing they was wrong).

My point of view that we should not blame the squid, this wouldn't
help. Now I know that there is such problem, you know, a couple
of peoples who will read this. But for the rest the project would
look in the bad way. More over not all peoples can control which
proxy in front of them even if they know about this problem. My
idea was to tech a fetch to request a binary mode for all files
despite of their mime type.


> IMO this is a bug in the squid configuration.
> Kris

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