FreeBSD Port: asterisk-1.2.13_3

Bill Milford bill at
Tue Jan 23 02:28:46 UTC 2007

Dear Asterisk Maintainer,

I have a FreeBSD system running 6.2. I have the kernel configured without openssl.  This
is because I want to run the version in ports due to its capability of UTF8.  I do not
install the base openssl because having two openssl version causes kde and other ports
problems.  The net/asterisk however will not build.  This is because on the asterisk target
(lines 523-530) of the work/asterisk-1.2.13.makefile doesn't have a $(CFLAGS) or $(ASTCFLAGS) on line 530.
This causes the -L $LOCALBASE/lib to be missing and it cannot find libcrypto.a or libssl.a.  Can you
modify the port to add flag so that it will link?

523 asterisk: $(CYGLOADER) editline/libedit.a stdtime/libtime.a $(OBJS)
524  build_tools/make_build_h > include/asterisk/build.h.tmp
525  if cmp -s include/asterisk/build.h.tmp include/asterisk/build.h ; then echo ; else \
526     mv include/asterisk/build.h.tmp include/asterisk/build.h ; \
527  fi
528  rm -f include/asterisk/build.h.tmp
529  $(CC) -c -o buildinfo.o $(CFLAGS) buildinfo.c
530  $(CC) $(DEBUG) $(ASTOBJ) $(ASTLINK) $(OBJS) buildinfo.o $(LIBEDIT) stdtime/libtime.a $(LIBS)

Thanks and best regards,
Bill Milford

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