FreeNX on 6.2-STABLE

Albert Chin freebsd-ports at
Mon Jan 22 17:49:58 UTC 2007

I've installed FreeNX on 6.2-STABLE:
  # cd /usr/ports/net/freenx
  # make install
  [ install local user "nx" ]
  # mkdir -p /var/lib/nxserver/closed \
  /var/lib/nxserver/failed /var/lib/nxserver/running
  # chown -R nx /var/lib/nxserver
  # cd /usr/X11R6/NX/bin
  # ./nxsetup --install --setup-nomachine-key

I have nxclient-1.5.0-141 installed on a Fedora Core 3 machine. I'm
simply trying to get a remote xterm connection to the FreeBSD box with
FreeNX installed. When I launch nxclient on the FC3 box and configure
it to open an xterm on the FreeBSD box, it appears to go through the
motions and the nxclient invocation returns. However, no xterm window
appears. I can successfully connect to the FreeBSD box and run xterm.

I installed nxserver-2.1.0-17.i386.rpm on another FC3 box and can
connect to it fine, with a similar nxclient config.

I have "Enable SSL encrypt of all traffic" enabled.

Anyone with any ideas?

Is there a detailed log file I can inspect?

albert chin (china at

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