System & processes monitoring recomendations?

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Mon Jan 22 09:31:28 UTC 2007

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Anton Blajev - Valqk <valqk at> wrote:
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> > Bill Moran wrote:
>> > > Anton Blajev - Valqk <valqk at> wrote:
>>> > >> Hello Group,
>>> > >>
>>> > >> I'm wondering what tool to use for system and processes
>>> > >> For example your disks goes filled and you get a mail,
>>> > >> the machine has load over 50 for more than an hour and you
get a mail...
>>> > >> Some predefined processes MUST be running so there is some
kind of a checker and if they stops
>>> > >> the util starts them immediately.
>>> > >>
>>> > >> Please share your experience with me?
>> > >
>> > > Have a look at net-snmp.  It's in ports.
> >
> > 10x for the advice,
> > is it possible to use this nice app without installing snmp daemon?
> > I see that the app depends on x11-toolkits/p5Tk which will lead
> > installing a whole bunch from

Please don't top-post, and please wrap your lines around 72 characters.

The app _is_ the snmp daemon.  It's rather difficult to use it without

Not sure where you got the idea that it required anything x11 related.
I've installed it dozens of places and never come across a dependency
on x11.  Are you looking at net-mgmnt/net-snmp?

- -Bill

bout the x11 depends - p5-Tk is used only when TKMIB is installed with
the port net-snmp... I don't need it anyway.

There is a better solution with nagios as it seems,
I'll have to test it anyway,
thank you for the reply.


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