Help with porting Flamenco

Brett Bonfield pacella at
Mon Jan 15 15:00:51 UTC 2007


I am a library student and FreeBSD newbie trying to install Flamenco
<>, an open source faceted
interface developed at Berkeley and currently hosted on Sourceforge.
It says in their documentation, "Please note that we have only tested
code on the Linux OS (Red Hat 2.4.21)," and I've run into a few
Linux-specific commands I've had to alter, such as replacing cp -a
with cp -pRP. It seems I've been able to get Flamenco most of the way
installed. Where I'm running into difficulty is in importing data.

The only requirements stated in the documentation are:

* Python version 2.3 or higher
* A web server such as Apache that runs CGI scripts
* Access to an ODBC-compliant DBMS such as MySQL

I'd be very grateful for any assistance you can offer in porting this
application. Check out the Flamenco demos
<> -- I think you'll agree that
it's worth having this software work on FreeBSD.



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