status of migration to gfortran42 2007.1.12: currently all ports using fortran are unstable.

fred fredmfp at
Fri Jan 12 18:20:25 UTC 2007

maho.nakata at a écrit :
> News:
> Kris approved that migration to gfortran 
>>Unless the changes are too extensive, please proceed.
> so I'll proceed.
Hi all,

Could be this thread related to some problem I have encountered building
 Scipy on my freebsd boxes (6.2) ?

On one of my freebsd boxes, I built/run successfully scipy 0.5.1,
using the "old" ports, ie without gcc4.2 need.

On another freebsd box, with the new ports (lapack, blas, atlas) which
need gcc 4.2, building scipy is ok (with atlas or with lapack/blas), but
fails to run : scipy complains that it does not find "csqrt" function in
lapack/alapack libs.

Am I doing something wrong ?

What's going on ?

Thanks in advance for any clue.



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