Out of Office

Jan-Peter Koopmann j.koopmann at seceidos.de
Sun Jan 7 10:16:00 UTC 2007

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

ich bin bis inkl. 7. Januar 2007 im Urlaub. In dringenden Fällen können Sie sich für technische Anfragen und Probleme an meinen Kollegen Herrn Deeken (h.deeken at seceidos.de) wenden. Für alle anderen Anfragen steht Ihnen Herr Hochrein (r.hochrein at seceidos.de) zur Verfügung.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Jan-Peter Koopmann

I am on vacation until January 7th. In urgent technical matters please do not hesitate to contact my colleague Mr. Deeken (h.deeken at seceidos.de). For other inquiries please contact Mr. Hochrein (r.hochrein at seceidos.de).

Kind regards

Jan-Peter Koopmann

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Subject: FreeBSD ports: 1 unfetchable distfile: mail/mailscanner-devel
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Dear j.koopmann at seceidos.de,

	You are listed as the FreeBSD port maintainer for 1 port
whose distfiles are not fetchable from their MASTER_SITES.  Could
you please visit


and correct the problems listed there?  The individual port with
a problem is mail/mailscanner-devel.

	If you have already corrected the problems and submitted a
PR, please accept my thanks and apologies for the delay in getting
the fixes into the tree.  This reminder is created automatically
and does not (yet) have a way to know if a PR fixing the problem
has been submitted.  Please do *NOT* send your response to me
directly; I do not necessarily have time to commit your fix; please
instead submit a PR via 'send-pr' so it doesn't get lost.

	Problems are usually of two types:
1. The software package has been upgraded and the version in the
port has been removed.  The best solution to this problem is to
upgrade the port to the most current version of the software package.
If you are a FreeBSD committer, then you can just upgrade the port
directly.  If not, you should create the updated port on your own machine,
test it (and maybe even run "portlint" on it), and then use "send-pr"
to submit a "diff -uNr old-port updated-port".  If you added or deleted
any files, please make an explicit note of it.

2. The mirror site being used no longer contains the software package
in question, or no longer exists.  Solutions include:
	a) If there are other mirror sites, just remove the bad site
	from the list.  (Make sure that what appears to be a bad site
	isn't actually a problem of type 1, upgrade)
	b) If the README or other support files in the software
	documentation mention where to get the software package,
	use one of those sites.
	c) Use a search engine to find another place to get the original
	DISTFILES.  Make sure that you don't pick a FreeBSD distfiles
	mirror -- if you can't find any other places where the file
	exists, it can be a LOCAL_PORT or you can simply comment out
	the MASTER_SITES= line, with a comment explaining why.
Once you have a solution, use "send-pr" to submit a "diff -u" of the

	Note that this isn't an urgent issue, as people who try to
build the port now will just fall back to the FreeBSD distfiles mirror.
Please just put it on your list to do and get to it when you have time.
These messages will continue to arrive twice a month until the fix is
committed, as a reminder.

  Bill "distfiles" Fenner.

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