Adding a nice kde port "Kwlan"

Abdullah Al-Marrie almarrie at
Sun Jan 7 08:26:44 UTC 2007

Hello Guys,

Could someone please make a port for Kwlan which is a great app and
nice addition for FreeBSD?

It make FreeBSD more friendly for desktop/laptop users :)

Network manager for kde.

Allows you to configure different network profiles using all
encryptions wpa_supplicant provides (wep, wpa, wpa2 etc) for wireless
Since version 0.4.5 kwlan can connect to unencrypted networks if
wpa_supplicant is not available.

Kwlan can also store profiles for wired networks.

Dialup networks can be edited and connected to as well.

Systray icons show connection statistics per interface (can be disabled).

Version 0.5.8
- Added broadcom and bsd drivers to wpa_supplicant
- Added options to configure phase1 and phase2 options
- Added option to prevent interfaces from being configured by Kwlan
- Added option to use custom wpa_supplicant config file


-Abdullah Ibn Hamad Al-Marri
Arab Portal

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