FreeBSD Port: lighttpd-1.4.13_1

Darren Redgrave dazza at
Thu Jan 4 18:03:06 PST 2007


I've been playing with lighttpd getting WebDAV working from  
FreeBSD6.1. I've found it does work if compiled in with a few small  
modifications to the port Makefile. the patch isn't perfect as I dont  
seem to be able to get it to continue installing if uuid is already  
installed. I've only done basic testing but it does seem to work fine  
with OSX and Windows clients. Sorry if this is the wrong way to bring  
this up.

<               VALGRIND        "Enable valgrind support" off
 >               VALGRIND        "Enable valgrind support" off \
 >               WEBDAV          "Enable WebDAV support" off
 > .if defined(WITH_WEBDAV)
 > LIB_DEPENDS+=           libuuid.1:${PORTSDIR}/misc/e2fsprogs-libuuid
 > CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --with-webdav-props --with-webdav-locks
 > .endif

be seeing you


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