PLIST_FILES question

Gabor Kovesdan gabor at
Wed Jan 3 10:39:14 PST 2007

Beech Rintoul schrieb:
> On Tuesday 02 January 2007 23:09, Gabor Kovesdan wrote:
>> Beech Rintoul schrieb:
>>> On Tuesday 02 January 2007 13:43, you wrote:
>>>> Beech Rintoul schrieb:
>>>>> Thanks to everyone who responded. I somehow missed that handbook
>>>>> section, but I have it figured out now. What I needed to do is the
>>>>> following:
>>>>> .if defined(WITH_MYSQL)
>>>>> USE_MYSQL=	yes
>>>>> MODULES:=${MODULES}:mod_sql:mod_sql_mysql
>>>>> LIBDIRS:=${LIBDIRS}:${LOCALBASE}/lib/mysql
>>>>> PLIST_FILES=	include/proftpd/mod_sql.h
>>>>> .endif
>>>>> The  extra header file is not copied to include unless that option is
>>>>> checked and hard coding it in pkg-plist broke the pkg build. It didn't
>>>>> show up on pointyhat because that option is off by default.
>>>> Oh, do you want to mix PLIST_FILES and pkg-plist, did I catch it right?
>>>> That should not be done. You can list that file in pkg-plist as
>>>> %%MYSQL%%include/proftpd/mod_sql.h and do the following in Makefile:
>>>> if defined(WITH_MYSQL)
>>>> [...another things here...]
>>>> .else
>>>> PLIST_SUB+= MYSQL="@comment "
>>>> .endif
>>>> Look at e.g. security/amavisd-new, I do something similar there.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Gabor
>>> Thanks, It doesn't say anything in the handbook about not doing that and
>>> it works. In the interest of being correct I'll try what you suggest.
>> Yep. PH doesn't say it, but portlint does. Maybe this should be noted in
>> PH as well.
> That would be a good idea. I did change the Makefile and pkg-plist as you 
> suggested, but before doing so I ran portlint again and it did NOT complain 
> about using both pkg-plist and PLIST_FILES. The PH in the advanced section 
> would lead one to believe that it's acceptable  to use both. I'm glad I 
> posted what I was trying to do, this release was rushed to address a security 
> issue and was a real pain to get all the options building correctly. I 
> definitely don't want to add problems on top of it. Anyway, thanks again for 
> your input.
> Beech
Hmm, you might have an old portlint, I still can see this warning if a 
port uses both pkg-plist and PLIST_FILES:
WARN: Makefile: [20]: You may remove pkg-plist if you use PLIST_FILES 
and/or PLIST_DIRS.


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