files to be checked on meta-ports

Dmitry Morozovsky marck at
Tue Jan 2 13:12:04 PST 2007

On Tue, 2 Jan 2007, Wesley Shields wrote:

WS> > For some time I use local meta-ports referring different sets of useful ports. 
WS> > Most of the time, this works well; the only exception is meta-ports which do 
WS> > not install own files. 
WS> > 
WS> > I thought about refering /var/db/pkg/pkgname/ files, but this seems
WS> > unscalable due to constant path changes.
WS> > 
WS> > Your thoughts?
WS> I don't know if it's acceptable to look there but you can always use
WS> ${PKG_DBDIR}/${PORTNAME} to get /var/db/pkg/portname (by default).  I'm
WS> not sure I understand the "constant path changes" you mention.

Errm, this refers to current port, not to the dependency (say, my 
misc/ws-preferred wants to install x11/xorg)

WS> I think what you really want is mentioned at the bottom of:

If you refer to (currently) 5.7.10, then it's now what we want: dependent port 
will be rebuilt unconditionally, and in installation phase would fail on 
"already installed" error...

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