Port deletes .conf file on update

Jonas Sonntag jonas at schiebtsich.net
Tue Jan 2 05:49:20 PST 2007

Hi Beech,

On Tuesday 02 January 2007 05:56, Beech Rintoul wrote:
> ftp/proftpd deletes /usr/local/etc/proftpd.conf when updating. I thought I
> had it fixed, but it continues to delete the config. Here's the section in
> the makefile:

it did what it was intended to when upgrading from 1.3.0_5 to 1.3.1rc1_2: 
keeping the existing proftpd.conf file.

Maybe your problem was that deinstalling 1.3.1rc1_1 was removing the .conf 
file as it was specified in the plist? Then installing 1.3.1rc_2 would put in 
the sample.conf file which would make it look as if it overwrote the old 

Downgrading from 1.3.1rc1 to 1.3.0_5 was showing the same problem. As said, 
upgrading 1.3.0_5 to 1.3.1rc1_2 was not showing the problem, neither was 
downgrading 1.3.1rc1_2 back to 1.3.0_5.

Yes, I was switching versions a bit.... 1.3.1rc1 seems to have a bug in that 
it doesn't allow overwriting existing files with STOR:

220 ProFTPD 1.3.0 Server
[... snip ...]
STOR /access 
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for /access
226 Transfer complete.

220 ProFTPD 1.3.1rc1 Server
[... snip ...]
STOR /access 
550 /access: Overwrite permission denied

... which is probably OT.


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