VTK 5 in ports

fred petit.frederic at free.fr
Mon Jan 1 17:24:10 PST 2007

Thierry Thomas a écrit :

> Could you please try the following port?
> <http://people.freebsd.org/~thierry/ports/vtk5.tgz>
Sure ! ;-)
Thanks a lot.

> I'm not yet sure how it will be committed: maybe I'll repocopy math/vtk
> to math/vtk44 and commit this one as math/vtk, updating the vtk-slaves
> ports to 5?
I full agree ;-)

>>I need it to build VTK apps such as mayavi2 & paraview 2.9.x (which 
>>needs also qt4,
>>not yet included in ports tree).
> Well, the latest stable paraview release is still 2.4.4!
Yes,I know it.
The 2.9.x (aka ParaView III) release is the dev release,
and the GUI has been much improved vs the 2.5.x release.



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